The Villains of Health

Learn which are the foods responsible for the main current diseases like obesity, cancer and hypertension.

How can you help a suicidal person?

15 min

Learn how to help a person considering suicide, especially if they live in your house or works in the same place as you do.

Does Hell exist?

15 min

Even though we fear it, it’s good to know how not to end up there. So the question now is: does Hell exist? If yes, where is it?

How to stop using drugs?

15 min

To use drugs is to risk life on a trip with no round trip ticket. But, even so, there is a way out and there is a way to quit every addiction. Keep reading to learn how.

Everything about Dinosaurs

12 min

Learn everything about the most fascinating dinosaurs that have lived on the Earth. After all, child or adult, haven’t you questioned before: did they really exist?

How to beat depression: diagnosis and cure

16 min

Over 300 million people are faced with depression all over the world. You don’t have to be one of them. Find out here what it the diagnosis and cure.

The origin of the universe

14 min

You probably have already asked yourself what is the origin of the universe. Well then, your answer is here. Find out where you came from and where you’re going.

The origin of the Holy Bible

15 min

Learn everything about the origin of the Holy Bible. Understand how and why this book was written, turning out to be the most popular written work in the world.

Anxiety: symptoms and treatments

20 min

Those who suffer from anxiety are living in the future; they anticipate concerns and torment themselves with minor problems. Identify it and learn how to treat it here.

I’m an alcoholic, but how can I quit drinking?

16 min

The numbers of death due to alcoholism is constantly increasing. This is an addiction hard to get rid of, but completely possible. Keep reading to find out how to quit drinking.

Faith to change your life

25 min

Experts state that exercising faith is good for the mind and body, no matter what the religious belief might be. More than that, faith is a path to change your life.

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